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Our Products...& What we think!

Our Products...& What we think!
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Look. We're into good old fashioned outdoor, white-knuckles fun! But we don't think you should have to pawn the kids to afford a great machine! In fact....the kid's should be right there with you, tearing it up too!We can make that happen for a lot less than the other guys. Just give us a chance and we'll prove it!
From your friends at "Uncle Mike's ATV's Plus"

RedCat Trail 90cc (or 70cc)
Huh? What the heck is this guy talkin' about! Get a bike and go ridin"....nut job! Our complete encyclopedia is everything you need to know, from A to Z.... really. Includes semi-annual updates -- never have out-of-date reference materials again.

Just like the old honda trail 90! Choose 70 / 90cc
These are available in Red, Yellow, Black

Collection CD-Rom
This guy is makin' me crazy about the encyclopedia already! Now it's....what? software......MAN we're into HARDWARE, get a grip!!  Over 300 useful and fun programs for home and office. Utilities, games, educational software... be ready to spend some time with this one!

Dirts bikes are also street legal!
from 49cc up to 200cc! Let the good times roll!

5 Styles of 250cc ATV's! 
All our 250cc ATV's come with a stand. 6mo. Warr
Lots of styles, and colors! All electric start w/Rev
Our database guru Ron ( guru means..... "I don't have a motorcycle or ATV. So I'm hawkin' goofy software that will be obsolete before you cn get the package open.) can make sure your legacy data is integrated into your new applications and services. We work with all major database applications and some minor ones. Security and data integrity guaranteed -- call for a quote.
from only $2199.00 and up

ATVS PLUS * #16 KALAL TLR CT* Zortman * Montana US * 59546